What one may perceive as imaginary, I see as realities in all of us. Art often enables us to express ourselves in our truest form, and it is photography that allows me to do just that. Photography’s primary focus is capturing everyday reality. In a quick snap, something timeless that everyone can understand is created. However, photography can be much more than that. Why not use the true-to-life aspect of photography to display the inner workings of our souls? It is my goal to transcend the reality we all see, to the reality we all feel.

All of my photographs have a purpose, a reason for being. They are extensions of who I am and how I interpret the world we live in. I tend to create work that resolves conflicts within myself, whether escaping to a world anew, breaking from the norm, or transcending the artificial limits I place upon myself. I edit my photographs to closely match the images in my mind, creating specific tones that match the feelings I wish to imbue in the viewer. My work requires intense planning and problem solving, but no matter how impossible a concept may seem, I never let it limit my ability to express the story I need to tell. “If you can think it, it can be done.” I use that ideology as a basis for all of my work.